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Design for Snapchat Discover

Background: Daily Mail, one of the world's leading news and media companies, wanted to expand their reach and engage with a younger audience by publishing their content on Snapchat

Discover. The platform features "Snaps" that are 10 seconds long and include a corresponding article that viewers can read by swiping up. Daily Mail wanted their Snaps to be visually appealing and engaging to the younger audience on Snapchat Discover.

Objective: The primary objective of the project was to create visually appealing and engaging Snaps that would capture the attention of the younger audience on Snapchat Discover. The Snaps had to be designed in a way that would encourage viewers to swipe up and read the corresponding article.

Approach: To achieve the objectives, we used bright and bold colors, eye-catching typography, and engaging illustrations/ images to create visually appealing Snaps. The Snaps were designed to be simple yet informative, providing viewers with a quick summary of the article's main points.

To maintain consistency and ensure a cohesive design, we used Daily Mail's branding guidelines as a starting point for the design process. We also worked closely with the Daily Mail team to ensure that the Snaps were in line with their brand and messaging.

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