Animation Work

Most of the work here are gifs and/or social media ads.

I have done a lot of work for Snapchat (Hearst, and Daily Mail..) animations and graphics.

I also got the chance of working on a Music Video for Ani Cordero, that comments on about society and how corruption is seen though a small birds eyes.

You will also find my student film which is an experimental animation (2D and 3D). Scroll down below to find the links to the full animations.

Facebook Event Animation and Header Design 

ANI CORDERO (musician) MV animation  

Snapchat Sweet (Hearst Digital Media) Animation and Designs

Emoji Animation - 2018 Social Media Emoji Challenge 

Snapchat Daily Mail  - Animations and Designs 

Red Magazine - Online Magazine beauty gifs

Savannah Bee Company - Social Media Animations of Bee

eStore Logistics - Explainer Video Animation

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