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The Photoacademy - Picsmentor

Project: Infographic Design for Website

Background: Picsmentor is a website that helps photographers find and communicate with fellow photographers. The brand wanted to create an infographic that would highlight the benefits of using their website and showcase their unique brand personality.

Objective: To create a visually appealing and engaging infographic that would showcase the benefits of using Picsmentor and align with the brand's bold and fun personality.

Picsgenius .jpg

Approach: To create the infographic, I used bold colors and the colors of the Picsmentor website and brand to ensure visual consistency. I also used fun and engaging illustrations to help communicate the information in a memorable way.

The infographic was divided into several sections, each highlighting a different benefit of using Picsmentor. I used a combination of text and illustrations to explain how the website can help photographers find and connect with other photographers, improve their photography skills, and grow their business.

I made sure to keep the design simple and easy to understand, while also incorporating the brand's unique personality and values throughout.

Results: The infographic was well-received by the Picsmentor team and its audience, who appreciated the engaging and visually appealing design. The infographic helped to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the website, as well as highlight the unique benefits of using Picsmentor to connect with other photographers and grow their business.

Conclusion: Creating an engaging and visually appealing infographic can be an effective way to showcase a brand's unique personality and highlight its benefits. By using bold colors and fun illustrations that align with the brand's values and visual identity, it's possible to create a memorable and impactful design that resonates with the target audience. The Picsmentor infographic was successful in driving engagement and increasing brand awareness, showcasing the power of effective infographic design.

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