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Tree of Life In App Animation

Background: The Glorify App is a mobile application that provides daily devotionals and inspirational content to its users. The app aims to create a community of like-minded individuals who can come together to share their faith and encourage one another on their spiritual journeys. However, the app was facing a challenge in keeping users engaged and motivated to continue using the app on a daily basis.

Challenge: The Glorify App team wanted to find a way to encourage users to log in daily and complete their devotionals to increase user retention rates. They wanted to create a design element that would motivate users to continue their daily streaks and spend more time in the app. The team came up with the idea of creating an animated tree that would grow as the user completes daily devotionals and "die" or droop when the user does not log in.

Solution: The animation, called the Tree of Life or Tree of Faith, was designed to be a visual representation of the user's spiritual journey. The tree starts as a small seed and gradually grows into a full tree as the user completes daily devotionals. The leaves of the tree are symbolic of the user's progress, and as the user continues their streak, more leaves are added to the tree.

However, if the user fails to log in for a day, the tree appears "sad" with drooping leaves, symbolizing the user's lack of progress. This design element encourages users to log in daily and continue their streaks to keep their trees healthy and growing. The animation is fitting to the app design, with friendly and appealing visuals that create a playful and motivating user experience.



Conclusion: The Glorify App's Tree of Life animation is an excellent example of how creative design elements can be used to enhance user engagement and motivation. The animation provides a sense of progress and accomplishment over time, encouraging users to continue their spiritual journey and build a habit of regular practice. 

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